About Us

Our Why.

Our purpose is to nurture and inspire creativity and productivity in women by helping them plan the life they love.

Our mission is to help women tackle their productivity and time management issues through the use of our tools to live a well balanced and productive life.

My Planner Journey.

Hello everyone and welcome! This journey began when I started searching for my own planner peace. I love functional and pretty planning! I started with a personal sized planner and gradually found my favorite size planner to be the Classic Happy Planner 7”x 9.25”. This has become the optimal size for me.
Then I began experimenting with different insert layouts. I made so many different layouts during that time and have made them to all those that are in the same situation.These digital planners, printable inserts and stickers show my continuous journey towards planner peace. I know that there are many trying to find planner peace as well. So, I decided to share my creations to help others in their journey.